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Monday March 16 Update on Vanuatu

17791_698253773633375_5966527209091242458_nAn update on Vanuatu and the devastation caused by Cyclone Pam.

We have received some news this morning from a contact on Santo island. Most of the buildings at Talua Ministry Training Centre remain intact, and – most importantly – there are so far no reports of injury or loss of life amongst those we know personally.

John and Kara Dekker were due to leave Australia today to commence service at Talua but now they may be in Australia for another week.

In other parts of Vanuatu the situation is more bleak. There is a great need for prayer and for practical help for those who have lost family and homes. Yesterday David Cook, Moderator General, announced a Disaster Relief Appeal. He urges all Ministers and Sessions to bring this need before their congregations both for prayer and financial gifts. Please pass this information on.

The appeal can be found at

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