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Indigenous Ministry Sunday 12th July, 2020

Dear Minister, Session Clerk, Elder,
One of the Australian Presbyterian World Mission’s areas of responsibility is Indigenous ministry. However, over the years APWM has struggled with a lack of finances in seeking to carry out such a ministry. For many years APWM has supported the ministry of people such as the Rev Rick and Mrs Kayleen Manton but there has always been a deficit in support which means that APWM has to pay for the shortfall from its general funds but this cannot continue with affecting the future of APWM.

Last year’s General Assembly of Australia authorised an Annual appeal for Indigenous ministry to be held, commencing on Sunday 12th July, 2020. APWM asks that you consider holding such an appeal in your congregation and pray for Indigenous ministry. We have prepared a video to be shown in church and letter of explanation, with prayer points, to accompany the appeal.

The video can be found at

And the letter can be downloaded at

Kevin Murray

National Director

Australian Presbyterian World Mission