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PresAID Christmas 2023

Imagine going to church on Sunday and the sun is beating down and so everyone has to sit in whatever shade is available — and then keep moving as the sun shifts. Or, it’s raining — and the ground is wet and everyone has to keep dodging the rain while they listen to the sermon. How long would you put up with this before asking the Board of Management to do something about a roof? 

That’s a common scenario for the congregations who belong to our Partner Church, CCAP Zambia. Building church walls from local materials is the easy part, finding the funds to put up a roof is the hard part.

Through the PresAID 2023 Christmas Appeal we’d like to put roofs on three buildings and also:

  • fund a sewing training scheme for women in Ethiopia so that they can earn an income, through our Partner Church, the Presbyterian Church of Ethiopia. 
  • provide further training for pastors in Timor Leste, who have little training, through our Partner Church, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Timor Leste.

To watch a video about this year’s Appeal, please click this link.

For details about this year’s Appeal please go to the PresAID website