Australian Presbyterian World Mission

Indigenous Ministry

Rick & Kayleen Manton

Rick and Kayleen Manton serve the Mount Druitt Indigenous Church and the wider Indigenous Christian community. They have served for many decades in such ministry in one form or another with Rick seeking to mentor younger Aboriginal pastors and leaders.

In addition to this, Rick has served for many years as the chairman of the Bimbadeen Aboriginal Training College which is currently in search of a new meeting venue. From time to time Bimbadeen runs short courses such as the Langham preaching course.

Rick and Kayleen are based in western Sydney which has a large Indigenous population. They serve as APWM missionaries and are dependent on partners for their financial needs.

This ministry needs partners who will support the Mantons as they seek to help the Indigenous church grow in its capacity to serve Indigenous Australians.

If you would like to receive their prayer letter then please email the APWM office —

To support Rick and Kayleen financially please go here.

Prayer for Indigenous Ministry

Indigenous Ministry Sunday, 9th July 2023

1. Pray for a consistent Government approach in addressing Indigenous issues such as health, education and incarceration.

2. Pray that God would raise up godly Christian leaders for the Indigenous church and that they would be well trained.

3. Pray that existing Christian leaders would be able to wisely hand over leadership to the next generation.

4. Pray for the many young people in Indigenous communities who have never heard the gospel, that they would have opportunities to hear and that many would come to Christ.

5. Pray that the gospel would reach remote Indigenous communities.