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John & Rosemary EvansJohn & Rosemary Evans have recently returned from Chiba City, Japan, and will continue as APWM missionaries on final deputation until the end of June 2018. The Chiba City area is  within commuting distance of Tokyp, and is experiencing urban renewal. This area has 200,000 people and no church. With the support of the Mission to the World staff, John served as Team Leader in establishing a gospel-centred church in the Chiba CBD.

Stewart Nathan & Tomoko 01Nathan & Tomoko Stewart, with their two children, are serving in Osaka. Nathan was born in Brisbane and Tomoko in Osaka. Nathan is currently undertaking language studies while the family begins to work with one of the local congregations of Presbyterian Church in Japan.

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South Sudan

Yat MotorMotor Isaac Yat was born in Sudan and did his theological education in Egypt before migrating to Australia. In 2008 he returned to Sudan as an APWM missionary serving with the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan. His long term goal is to serve the Lord though Church planting, the training of evangelists and youth ministry. Motor asks for prayer for safety as the situation in South Sudan can be volatile.

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Timor Leste

Lauren CraseLauren Crase has been serving with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Timor Leste since May 2016. She has been involved in English teaching, medical work and discipleship. In the last few months she has been working with a local health authority to prepare and implement a training program for district nurses.

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John & Kara Dekker serve at the Talua Ministry Training Centre, the Bible College of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu. John teaches theology and Biblical languages.

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