Australian Presbyterian World Mission

Short Term Service

There are two levels of short-term service.

One week to two months

APWM has 14-day opportunities to serve which we call ‘Workpartners‘ in Vanuatu. This involves sending work parties to build and maintain classrooms, housing and other infrastructure needs.

Teams usually go in July and December. Participation in these projects is at your expense and you may be able to gain some assistance from your local church for this. We encourage you to contribute one third, approach your Committee of Management asking if they will donate one third of  your cost and then fundraise the remaining third.

To date these work parties have taken place in Vanuatu where we have a strong relationship with the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu. When we send work parties we are not merely constructing buildings or maintaining infrastructure. We aim to build relationships with the people whom we serve.

Applicants for Workpartners should apply through our APWM National Office which can be contacted The short application form for returning participants can be downloaded 201711-Workpartners-Short-Application-Form. The long application form for new participants and those who haven’t participated for several years, can be downloaded 201711-Workpartners-Long-Application-Form.

Two months to one year

These short term mission opportunities are usually with one of our Partner Agencies and last from a few weeks to a year or so.

This can take a number of forms such as:

  • Teaching such as ESL
  • Medical assistance
  • Maintenance work
  • Evangelism mission trips
  • Ministers or other theologically trained persons who make short-term visits overseas to:
    • conduct a teaching ministry;
    • survey possible ministries and / or assess the local situation;
    • undertake temporary ministry between more permanent appointments.
  • The opportunities are endless!

It is normal for all participants in Short-Term mission to be interviewed and recommended by the Session and congregational Missions Committee where one exists.

Applications for Partner Agency Short-Term Mission trips are processed by the relevant Partner Agency.

You can read our list of Partner Agencies here or go to our ‘How Do I Apply? page for a list of links.