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 Today mission is not just about sending people from Australia to live in another culture. It also involves training people from that culture so that they in turn can train others. One way of doing this is by training theological lecturers.

In 2012 the NSW Australian Presbyterian World Mission committee would like to bring the Reverend Vijai Tagore, his wife and young son, from India to Sydney to study at PTC Sydney for two years.

Rev Tagore currently holds a Bachelor of Theology and a Master of Divinity from the Presbyterian Theological Seminary (PTS) Dehradun, India, where he is a lecturer. For the ongoing development of the college Vijai needs to complete a Master of Theology from another college. He has been offered a place to study at PTC Sydney for a Master of Theology through the Australian College of Theology. The Presbyterian Church of Australia already has a connection with PTS Dehradun through the Rev John Ellis, a Mission Partners missionary teaching at the college.

PTC Sydney has agreed to provide a scholarship for Vijay to cover all his internal tuition fees. Mission Partners has agreed to cover the costs of travel to and from Australia.

However there are many other costs involved in his coming to study in Australia. The NSW Australian Presbyterian World Mission committee is seeking support from congregations and individuals in the Presbyterian Church of NSW to help meet these costs.

These costs include:

• Accommodation for himself and his family.

• Transports costs in Australia

• Living allowance

Can you help? Perhaps you may have access to accommodation suitable for a family that is not too far from Burwood in Sydney. Perhaps you could pledge financial support. If you can help then please contact the Mission Partners office (02) 9792 1373 or email us <> and we’ll pass your details on to the NSW Committee. Thank you for your support in making the name of Jesus known everywhere.