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Timor Leste: When People Think Christians are Bad Omens

Rob Duncanson writes:

When People Think Christians are Bad Omens
“I have not changed religion, I follow Jesus!
Some of the people in the village think that Joao is a type of bad omen because he is a Christian. Despite our modern age, some people think that when a person dies or becomes ill that Joao is guilty because he has changed religion.

When they accuse him of changing religion he says, “I have not changed religion, I follow Jesus!”

With eyes full of tears, John tells his story and has asked that people pray for him and his family so that they can hold on firm in the difficulties and stay with firm faith in Jesus. Will you pray?

(Translated from Portuguese and Reprinted from Newsletter of Marcos and Priscila Napoli – Brazilian missionaries in Timor Leste from the Presbyterian Church of Brazil)”

NOTE: Joao, his wife and 7 children do a remarkable job of caring for the needy in their village, and pray that one day there will be a Presbyterian Church there. They are actively and vigorously working for the Kingdom of God. (We hope to update and fill out their story in coming weeks – we’ll keep you posted.)

Teaching Seminars 2011 (Mon 7th Nov – Fri 11th Nov.)
This Saturday a team of 5 will travel to Liquica (30 mins from Dili) for a week of teaching with the Church leaders from the IEP TL (Igreja Evangelica Presbyteriana – Timor Leste).

We will work through the book of Titus with special emphasis on its implications for Godly leadership in the church in Timor Leste, and on preaching God’s Word.

The team is:
Robert Benn
Brian Wong
Mike and Crystal Durrell
Rob Duncanson

We greatly value your prayers for this time.

Points for Prayer
1. For Joao and Paulina (his wife) and their family, that they would have safety, grace and strength in the face of very strong opposition. Also pray for many others in TL and other places who face similar pressures.

2. For the Teaching Seminars
• Wisdom for the team.
• Effective cross language communication.
• The work of the Holy Spirit to bring greater transformation in the lives of these leaders so that they will be more effective in ministry.