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Muslims and the Message: Bridging the Gap

From Tuesday 1 – Thursday 3 May, 2012, the Sydney Missionary and Bible College is running a conference on engaging with followers of Islam.

From the Conference brochure “There are burkas in the headlines and provocative billboards on Sydney’s streets. But what do they mean? Islam can often seem foreign and confusing. The gap between Muslims and Christians sometimes seems too wide to cross.

But what is Islam? How can we understand it? It is not just a concept or set of beliefs. It is the faith of more than a billion people. Many of us have colleagues, neighbours, or friends who are Muslims. What do they think? What are their aspirations? How do they see the world?

This conference will examine these questions. We will explore the variety within Islam, its cultural expressions, and how Muslims understand Christian beliefs and practices. By surveying a range of approaches to engaging followers of Islam with the gospel, this conference will help you bridge the gap and clearly share the good news with Muslims.

We look forward to seeing you.

Richard Hibbert
Director, SMBC School of Cross Cultural Mission

For more details and to download a brochure click here.