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What if we thought like missionaries?

What if we thought like missionaries where we are now?

I was recently reading Lifted! a book on the resurrection by Dan Allberry and found the following helpful “Mission is about attitude, not geography; what we’re doing, not where we are; a particular priority, not a particular place. It is about an attitude that has come to terms with the resurrection of Jesus and what that means for the world. God has exalted him to be worshipped.”

So how would life change for us if we asked the sort of questions that a missionary asks about the area they are trying to reach such as “How can I connect with the people around me?” Missionaries are people who think strategically about what they do. They are intentional. But the problem for us that we are ‘at home’ and we forget that we too have a mission to reach out to those around us.

Here’s an article that asks a similar question

Kevin Murray