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2012 Christmas Catalogue

Our 2012 Christmas Catalogue is now available. This year you can buy ‘gifts’ for people in Myanmar and East Timor. Here’s now it works:

1. You choose the item(s) on our list that you would like to purchase for your friends/family.

2. Send us your order, including payment and postage. Please note that these gifts are not tax deductible.

3. We send you the cards you have ordered. You are then free to give these cards to your friends/family for Christmas. The cards state which gift(s) you have purchased, on their behalf, for someone in East Timor or Myanmar. The card does not state the monetary value of the gift.

4. APWM then sends the money to our partners in East Timor or Myanmar. They will then purchase the gifts locally and distribute them to those in need.

Please click here to download the catalogue and order form.

Kevin Murray