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Vanuatu Workpartners Update

Andrew Schache & Jenery Measuring Up New Boys Toilets 02-06-14An update from our Workpartners team in Vanuatu “Everyone arrived safe and well. All enjoyed a good day of work today, with a water pipe relocated, the foundation trenches tidied up and most of the reinforcing steel for the foundations prepared. Some long standing electrical problems in the Married Quarters were investigated, and a trip to town tomorrow (Tuesday) will see the  materials necessary for these repairs purchased.

At the building site, we enjoyed the assistance of several of the students, who insisted on doing all the heavy digging work. (Which we, of course, allowed!)

The weather has been perfect! Sunny, a bit humid, but very pleasant nonetheless. And Mumma Kim is cooking up her usual wonderful meals. All will enjoy a well-earned sleep tonight!”