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Friday March 20 Vanuatu Update











Thank you to those who have donated to or promoted the Moderator General’s Appeal for Vanuatu.

The appeal can be found here

To date $11,766 has been donated.

We have heard from Andy Williamson and he and Rosemary are fine. Talua still has no email or internet.

For those who have been following the story of Tom and Margaret Richards on Tanna (at the APWM-built Southern Islands Presbytery Bible College) they are also fine but out of regular contact, although their house suffered some damage.

Here is a short quote from a great article about the logistical problems that the nation now faces “A Category 5 storm is a short straw for any country to pull, but especially for Vanuatu, a geographically fragmented nation spread over 800 miles in the middle of the ocean. It’s already difficult to communicate and travel between the country’s 82 separate islands—let alone after a cyclone hits.”

You can read the whole article here

We are now in the process of assessing how to best use the money that will be donated. 100% of the money donated will be sent to Vanuatu. APWM is sending Glen Connor to Vanuatu for talks with the leadership of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu about how to best use the funds. This trip is being funded by a generous donation specifically for that purpose.

Thank you for your prayers.