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Wednesday March 18 Vanuatu Update

Talua PanoramaThe Talua Ministry Training Centre is located on Santo Island, the largest island in Vanuatu. As far as we know Talua has not been greatly affected.

The following has just been posted to Facebook by someone from Santo.

“Copy of an email from @Village de Santo:
Hello from Santo,
Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and wishes sent during this very sad time in Vanuatu.
Santo has been blessed, Cyclone Pam has passed by the Island of Santo causing only minor damage. We have clean water, power and plenty of food. We also have travelers waiting to return to their countries as soon as possible.
As of today we still have no communications. Turtle Bay Resorts satellite system is being used by the community to send out emails and to keep up with information on Port Vila ‘s terrible situation.
The business community of Santo is terribly concerned of the warnings for travelers to cancel their travel plans to Vanuatu. The media of course is reporting the situation in Vila but this is not Santo.
If our Island can keep receiving the visitors, businesses in Santo will survive the crisis situation in the months to come.
This in turn will support many local people who will be able to support their families in Port Vila to rebuild their lives.
No tourism and our Vanuatu economy will suffer greatly.
All the resorts are receiving an over whelming amount of cancellations. If this keeps happening the economy of Vanuatu will suffer.
Until Port Vila is rebuilds, Santo can and will continue as usual.
Please pass the word through social media and your booking sites that Santo is ready and waiting for tourist, as soon as the flight are returned.
We asking everyone in particular: Wholesaler travel Companies, OTA, Travel agents to support Vanuatu now when we need you the most.
Kind regards
Beverley Anti”