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Would you fly in a plane that had not been checked by an Engineer?

Imagine that the next time you jumped on a plane in Australia, the pilot said “I’d just like to inform you that today’s flight has not been checked by an engineer because there’s a shortage of engineers.” We take aircraft safety for granted in Australia.
Calvin Mathys is an APWM missionary serving an aircraft engineer, maintaining aeroplanes and helicopters used to transport Bible translation workers across the challenging landscape of Papua New Guinea. His wife, Ruth, is involved in developing, delivering and evaluating training for PNG Bible translators, especially in the area of biblical studies.
Calvin and Ruth (Warburton Presbyterian Church, Victoria) are currently in Australia on home assignment but can’t yet return to their ministries in Papua New Guinea because their support level is too low. They require an additional AUD $1700 per month to enable them to return to the field. They are from the Warburton Presbyterian Church in Victoria.
Lyle Wyse, Maintenance Manager, SIL Aviation, PNG, says “Calvin’s strengths in investigating, thinking through issues and attention to detail are foundational to good quality aircraft maintenance.  His experience here on the Quest 10 passenger turbine Kodiaks and growing experience on the Bell 206L-3 Longranger helicopters is priceless to us.  He has shown us time and again his dedication to the program, even working over-time when needed, in order to ensure a safe and well maintained fleet of aircraft. As our aviation team serves the transportation needs of Bible translation in PNG, we are keenly aware of the limitations we have due to our personnel needs, especially critical in the maintenance of our aircraft fleet.”
Support for Calvin and Ruth means that many vital ministries can continue unhindered.
Would you, or the congregation from which you come, consider being part of this ministry?
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In Christ,
Kevin Murray
National Director
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