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Vanuatu – Cyclone Harold Moderator General’s Disaster Relief Appeal

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On Monday 12th April, Cyclone Harold hit northern Vanuatu. This was a Category 5 cyclone – meaning that it was severe.

The Talua Bible College that the Presbyterian Church of Australia supports so much, was badly affected. By God’s mercy, no one was injured. Luganville, 45 minutes drive from Talua, and Vanuatu’s second-largest population centre was also badly affected. Other islands in northern Vanuatu suffered damage but we are yet to receive any reports.

Cyclone Harold bypassed the island of Tanna in southern Vanuatu, where Danny and Jen Cooke serve with their family.

A video with details of the cyclone’s impact on Talua can be viewed here

Our Moderator-General, the Rev Dr Peter Barnes, has launched an appeal for funds for the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu. He writes:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Towards the end of 1982 my family (Lyn, and young Matthew and Graham) experienced a cyclone off Santo in Vanuatu. It actually lasted for three days, although there were intermittent periods of an eerie quietness. Many of the students’ quarters at the Bible College were damaged, and in going to check out how they were faring, the greatest danger came from flying coconuts. It was less dramatic than I am describing it, but it had some resemblance to dodging flying bricks.

Cyclone Harold was a much fiercer threat, and Talua has suffered extensive damage. It is good for Christians to support one another in difficulties (see 2 Corinthians 8-9), and this is an appeal worthy of our prayers and finances. Some aid will be needed almost immediately, but there will be a longer-term plan also. Australian Presbyterians are therefore urged to support our Ni-Vanuatu family, especially those at the college at Talua (TTI).

Peter Barnes (17 April 2020)

Please consider contributing to the Appeal.

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